The New Suffolk Downs

The Pacer is leading the way at Suffolk Downs. Situated at what will be the entryway to Boston’s largest development project, now is an incredible time to invest in this neighborhood. From greenspace to office and retail space, Suffolk Downs will have something for everybody.

$8 billion in total investment

  • 10.5 million square feet of development including:

      • Over 500,000 sqft of diverse street-front retail
      • Over 10,000 new housing units
      • 40-acre publicly accessible open space system
      • 25,000 new permanent jobs
  • Over $337 million dedicated to on-site and off-site transit improvements

Mixed-Use Walkable Neighborhood

The Pacer is located at what will be the entryway to the Belle Isle Square retail center. Enjoy street-front shops and neighborhood retail on brand new urban streets with walking and bicycle paths. This project is being developed with a commitment to creating a variety of publicly-accessible open spaces.


    • Commercial, lab, and innovative uses
    • A variety of housing types
    • Neighborhood retail
    • Extensive publicly-accessible open space network
    • New urban streets
    • Walking and bicycle paths

Built For The Future

The redevelopment of Suffolk Downs includes forward-thinking climate change and impact studies and green building design. There is a strong focus on pedestrian access and improvements to local transit systems. Suffolk Downs will be a hub for economic development providing new opportunities for office, lab, and other commercial initiatives for years to come.


    • 40-acre publicly-accessible open space
    • 25% of the redevelopment project site area will be open spaces and parks
    • Two new retail squares adjacent to the Suffolk Downs and Beachmont MBTA Blue Line stations
    • Creation of commercial clusters for office, lab, and retail uses as well as a new innovation node

Photos/Images courtesy of HYM Investment Group, LLC

Disclaimer: The renderings seen here are for illustrative purposes only. 


11 Walley Street,
Boston, MA 02128